Infrared Floodlight

If you have access to standard 120V electricity at the location where you want to record, there are a number of infrared floodlight options available that can really do a good job of adding a lot of illumination.

The CMVision IR100 – 98 LED Indoor/Outdoor Long Range 200-300ft IR Illuminator shown at right below is available at It does not give off visible light, but allows your night vision camcorder to see in complete darkness.

Many home IR sensitive security system cameras can see in the dark, but often need extra illumination to really give you a full view of all the areas you might want to see.

If you would like to be able to tell who is outside your door or the front of your garage without turning on all the regular outside lights, one or two infrared units like this would be probably do the trick.

The manufacturer states it provides a 30 degree wide beam up to 50 feet and is encased in a weather resistant housing. And it uses LED’s for the IR light source for low power consumption.

The YY Trade IR30 – 60-90 degree WideAngle 30 LED Indoor/Outdoor Long Range 50ft IR Illuminator shown at the left below utilizes powerful Infra-red LED emitters to illuminate objects. It has an auto light sensor control which automatically turns on the light as the natural light source diminishes, and is the unit is weatherproof and powered by converted DC so it can be used in any location outdoors.

These infrared floodlights show that inexpensive outdoor IR lighting has come a long way over the past few years. It’s now possible to use night vision equipment to set up a very effective security system. If a person wanted to monitor a remote location, a web cam and few of these lights could be set up so you could have full vision wherever you have Internet access.

Other manufacturers make infrared spotlights that have extremely high candlepower and come equipped with high capacity rechargeable battery packs to allow mobile use while you are using your camcorder. These types of units typically range in price from $200 US to $350 or more depending on their output.[memo] Typically specifications for the units give a range of 200 yards or more for a focused beam. This along with the zoom lens on your camcorder would give extremely long distance capability. They also can be used in either a focused, spotlight mode or a broader wide angle beam mode which would cover a wider area at a reduced lighting distance. Some units also are equipped with filters that block any stray visible light from the spotlight so you can operate in total darkness.

Nighttime wildlife photography set ups that would have the added power of these IR spotlights would give the user a very powerful arsenal of tools to capture unique and unusual footage.

So if you are looking for ways to really be able to take high quality video with your night vision camcorder in total darkness, consider some of these options. If you add enough IR light, the video is clear and sharp, not grainy like video usually associated with night vision work. Throw enough (invisible) light on your subject, and you’ll capture some amazing shots.