Three Interesting Ways To Use Your Camcorders Built In Night Vision

Almost all camcorders today will capture and record infrared light. Many models incorporate a built-in infrared light emitter which you can use to record in the dark.

For models that do not have this capability you can find inexpensive add-on infrared lights which you can buy that can be mounted on your camera.

A good example of this is making use of the popular Flip Video Camera
with an attached night vision video light. An excellent add on infrared illuminator is the Sima SL-20IR Night Vision Video Light

Once you realize that your camcorder can see in the dark and if you do just a little thinking outside the box you can think of a number of interesting ways to use your portable night vision video camera.

Here are a few ideas which may get you to break out of the mold and take your camera out into the dark.

Night Time Wildlife Photography:

While we sleep, the animal kingdom comes alive. You might not be able to walk around and sneak up on animals in the dark, but you might be surprised what you might see if you set your camcorder up on a tripod. Find a spot you would like to observe and let the camcorder record for an hour or two.

Play it back in fast mode until you notice some movement or action. You might be surprised at what type of creatures are making use of your yard or garden while you sleep. An excellent time for you to record would be to begin at least an hour and a half before sunrise. Many of the members of the animal world are early risers. If you’re lucky you might record some delightful video.

Ghost Hunting or Ghost Busting, Whichever Appeals To You:

If you want to take video of paranormal beings, the night vision mode on your camcorder has to be your best friend. Whether you wish to capture spirits, sprites, spooks or specters, you will want to have night vision switched on. With your video camera recording when you are away there won’t be any living human aura to frighten away any roaming supernatural creatures.

And if you lean the other way and would like to really determine what goes bump in the night, capturing night vision video will work just as well for you. If you’re constantly being annoyed by disturbances at night coming from the garage or yard (or hopefully not, the attic) just turn on night vision mode and let the camera record. It’s not going to take many sessions and you’ll determine once and for all what type of ‘ghost’ you have.

Make Up Great Games For Kids:

Night vision camcorders have become very inexpensive. Plus the same can be said for low cost add-on rechargeable infrared lights. Get hold of a low cost unit and turn it over to the kids. They will definitely have a blast thinking up ways to use it and record in the dark.

On a camp out or even just tenting the backyard, a group of youngsters will have a ball with their own night vision ‘spy’ camera. It’s not going to take them long to make up games and projects that get them active and moving around. And this is way better than having them sitting and playing video games.

If you don’t think this is an excellent idea, pretend that you are 12 years old again and what you’d do in the event your folks would have given you something like this.

There’s A Lot Of More Ways To Use Night Vision:

It’s just up to you to think of your own ideas. Get the camcorder out. Switch it to night vision mode. Turn out the lights and see what happens.