Infrared Illuminators

When you need more, maybe a lot more, IR light to capture low light or no light video, you’ll find that there are a number of options that you can consider by using a separate or add on infrared illuminator.

If you are trying to do any type of ‘night vision’ filming you’ll find the typical consumer camcorder runs out of ‘juice’ quickly. The built in IR source is not powerful enough to do any serious video.That’s when an external IR illuminator comes into play.

External invisible IR light sources come in many different formats and many are specially designed for specific uses. IR lights are available powered both by standard AC or DC powered for use from a vehicle and with additional or optional battery packs. Outdoor weather proof lights are available for security uses. And there are hundreds of options for the amount of light output and how the output is focused.night_1218774_90928497

Before you decide on an external unit, be sure to check out the many options that are available. Many smaller companies specialize in making cost effective LED powered infrared illuminators. You’ll find that there often is a lower cost alternative to some of the more common units you first find.

By matching the best add on unit to your camcorder you can have a true night vision video camera.