Kodak ZxD Pocket Video Camera Records in HD at a Low, Low Price.

The Kodak ZxD Pocket Video Camera is made for capturing video on the go. It is built to resist all the elements. You don't have to be afraid of wet weather or being at the beach with this little camcorder.
This camera is designed to be able to handle a little rugged use and you can use it in action situations without having to worry about damage.

Here is more information about the features of this camera:

Video specs: HD Video. Record at a 16:9 aspect ratio up to 60 fps in 720p HD. And the camera also offers options for HD at 30 fps or VGA for longer recording times or use for uploading to the Web. There is built in slow motion playback, fast forward and rewind, and you can even view the playback frame by frame if necessary. Automatic setting for great quality records in regular and low light.

Audio: Includes a sensitive, low distortion microphone for good to excellent audio quality.

Size and portability: The unit is very compact and will fit in a shirt pocket. And with a 32 GB SD card you can film up to ten hours of HD.

Weather resistant: The camera has rubberized doors that serve to protect the external openings and there is a stainless steel rust proof cover.

Still Photo Capability: You can take individual still images from the video stream and pick the perfect still shot.

View Screen: 2.0-inch LCD screen.

Included Software: Video editing software is built into the ZxD. You connect it to your computer to install the software. Email your creations or upload to YouTube right from the software that is built in. USB cable is included.

Product Dimensions: Size: 6.1 x 2.6 x 6.8 inches. Weight: 1.4 pounds.

Other: Comes with a remote control that lets you record yourself. HD quality allows you to play back your recordings on your HDTV (HDMI cable included). Comes in a variety of vibrant colors.

This small sized highly portable camera would be perfect for anyone who wants to have a mini camcorder always on hand wherever they go or do. HD quality in this unit is a great plus and it isn’t even necessary to say you can’t beat the price.

While this unit might not be your answer for heavy night vision camcorder use, it looks like it would be a great inexpensive way to always keep a camera with you. Click on the photo of the camera above and get this camera and put it through it’s paces.